Established in 1995, Viet Nam Flexible Tube Hose Corp (TF VIETNAM CORP) is an Vietnam market leader in manufacturing and assembling specialized hose, expansion joints and fittings.

With over 15 years experience, qualified personnel and extensive research and development. TF VIETNAM CORP offers a diverse range of products that meet the highest quality standards. TF VIETNAM CORP is dedicated to providing superior quality and has progressively incorporated quality procedures and manufacturing practices to achieve our quality management system which includes:

- Third Party Certified to ISO 9001:2008

- Welding Standard AS 4041 (Class 1)

- AGA Approved Stainless Steel and Rubber Hose Assemblies

- NFPA, FM, UL Approved Lines

 To ensure the client receives the highest quality, each product is 100% tested and meticulously inspected by a dedicated quality control position. We pride ourseleves in providing unsurpassed customer service to all clients. TF VIETNAM CORP provides a fast and reliable turnaround time and will assist in emergency breakdown situations. With a wealth of experience, TF VIETNAM CORP can assist you with any technical information required as well as offering a company representation service for onsite support. TF VIETNAM CORP has the capacity to meet the requirements of major projects, including engineering design and specification.

 TF VIETNAM CORP offers a hose management system to trace and maintain all products supplied by TF VIETNAM CORP which can be customized to suit individual client needs.


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